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Specialist Areas
  • Personalised Weight Management

  • Hormonal Imbalances

  • Skin Health

  • Digestive Issues

  • Stress Management

  • Low Energy


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I specialise in a variety of individualised weight and fat loss programmes to suit you. From a miraculous 14 Day Fat Cleanse Plan to detoxify your liver and shift stubborn fat, to a longer lasting 12 week Therapeutic Lifestyle Change programme that nurtures healthy habits. Personalised plans incorporate regular health screening with cutting-edge reporting technology, genetic/DNA testing, dietary modifications, simple exercise, stress management techniques and nutritional and herbal supplementation to help improve body composition and health. Click to see one of my many success stories.

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  • Lose stubborn belly fat
  • Slow your ageing process
  • Improve your libido & energy
  • Relieve bloating & indigestion
  • Get radiant skin
  • Improve your mood & sleep
  • Reduce your sugar cravings
  • Stay healthy & active as you age

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1. Personalised Healthy Diet

It is important to reduce the amount of calories in your diet without compromising your body's nutritional needs. The low calorie diets commonly used in weight-loss programmes may not be beneficial, and may even produce fatigue, dizziness and weakness. My weight loss programme is not about starvation but regular and healthy eating and provides you with much more energy.

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2. Individualised Nutritional Support

A study showed that patients on a medical food programme lost most of their weight from fat. This in contrast to patients on a popular, over-the-counter diet drink programme who lost the majority of their weight from muscle - despite participating in the same exercise routine and consuming the same foods as those on the medical food programme. My plans include high quality medical food and detoxifying herbs, without harmful side effects..


3. Tailor-Made Exercise Programme

A healthy body composition programme should include some kind of exercise. Numerous studies have shown that non-vigorous exercise, such as moderately brisk walking, can provide health benefits similar to those of more vigorous activities like running. Resistance exercises (eg light weight lifting) may also be beneficial.

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Change Your Lifestyle...Change Your Life

Don't fall victim to fad "starvation" diets or potentially dangerous weight loss pills - in the long run your body will only end up retaining fat and losing lean tissue (muscle).

Take the first step toward better health. Ask me about my nutrition-based body composition programme today!



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